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Monday, March 19, 2018, 

President Ivanov: Macedonia in 2018 to get on the right track

President Ivanov: Macedonia in 2018 to get on the right track

Skopje, 31 December 2017 (MIA) - President Gjorge Ivanov says Sunday he expects Macedonia in 2018 to get on the right track leading to a better life, prosperity and well-being for all citizens. In a New Year's address, he also says he hopes for a fair society founded on 'truth, freedom and peace.'

"Allow me to wish you a happy new year sending you sincere wishes for good health, more joy, bigger successes and a better tomorrow. Throughout 2017, we have been faced with many challenges and ordeals and the political climate affected unpleasantly the entire society and each and every one of us. Sincerely, I hope that the coming year we will focus on nice and positive things," President Ivanov says in his New Year's address.

He also expresses hope that the people in the country will find the strength to overcome divisions, disregard prejudices and unite over state interests.

"Let us usher in the new year with positive thoughts and strong faith and hope that we can fulfill our most sincere wishes. In the new year, I wish for everyone to love our common homeland, the Republic of Macedonia, more and every single one of us to contribute to a more beautiful society for our children, parents, relatives, neighbors and friends. I wish for people to respect each other more, for more love to be spread and for people to come to peace with themselves and with everybody else," President Ivanov says in his New Year's address. ba/12:29


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