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Tuesday, February 20, 2018, 

Top officials congratulate International Romani Day

Top officials congratulate International Romani Day

Skopje, 8 April 2017 (MIA) - President Gjorge Ivanov congratulated Saturday members of the Roma community on the International Romani Day-April 8.

"Over the years, Macedonia has been committed to the improvement of the general position of Roma in all walks of life. However, enhancement of the broader economic and social status of Roma is unthinkable beyond the education context", reads the note.

Ivanov says he would continue to engage in efforts towards overcoming prejudices.

"Improvement of the position of Roma means promotion of non-discrimination through respect of traditional values and deep understanding of cultural traits", stresses the President.

Prime Minister Emil Dimitriev also extended congratulations over the International Romani Day, saying the observance clearly demonstrated the continuity and respect that Macedonia nurtures for the Roma community.

"Over the past year, the Government continued to support the education and culture of the Roma community, support to the Romani NGOs and mediation centres, employment and business start-up, raising health awareness, social rights etc", says Dimitriev.

He voices conviction that such support would continue in the future, in the framework of the country's concept of respecting all communities towards a stable and sustainable multiethnic society. ik/12:13


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