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Sunday, January 21, 2018, 

Erga omnes requires change of constitutional name of neighboring country: gov't spokesman

Erga omnes requires change of constitutional name of neighboring country: gov

Athens, 12 January 2018 (MIA) - Change of the constitutional name, internal use within the county and a demonstration of commitment by the government to leave behind any irredentist claims are some of the demands by the Greek administration involving a name row settlement, a government spokesman said Friday.

Dimitris Tzanakopoulos told Thessaloniki Radio 94.5 that intensive negotiations with Greece's neighboring country were under way and that the position of Greece was clear, MIA reports from Athens.

"Our position is a single name, erga omnes that will be used by all, whereas our neighbors will be using it solely in their country, also the will be a change of the constitutional name in order to meet halfway in the field of solution," Tzanakopoulos told the radio station adding Greece couldn't accept the irredentist rhetoric of the past.

"The government guarantees that a solution will be reached only if our neighbors demonstrate a clear commitment to leaving behind all irredentist and ultra-nationalistic tendencies, which in the past had been used by them both as a tool in negotiations and in building a nationalistic awareness. These things cannot be accepted by Greece. The Greek government guarantees there won't be a solution unless our neighbors maintain their irredentist aspirations," stressed the government spokesman.

According to Tzanakopoulos, the government wants to see the widest possible parliamentary and political consensus over a possible solution. ba/13:40



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