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Friday, March 23, 2018, 

Bulgaria's President tells MIA who is Rumen Radev


Skopje, 17 February 2018 (MIA) - Pilot, diver, rock music fan  - who is Bulgaria's President Rumen Radev. His biography records a solid military carrier - Commander of the Bulgarian Air Force, a graduate from Air War College at Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, Alabama. Married to Desislava, two children from the first marriage.

In an interview with MIA, Radev speaks about his passions, what it feels like to fly, what he likes...

I'll always miss the flying, he says. Since taking the President's Office, he was a pilot only twice on invitations of the US air forces and French President Emanuel Macron, when he had the honor to fly the legendary US F-15 and French fighter jets.

'For me the act of flying is not just a symbol of progress, nor a test of the limits of human endurance, it is a magic and everybody seduced by it will always keep that magic in the heart. The flying is love and beauty, a way to discover oneself again and again,' Radev says.

Asked which of his posts - Air Force Commander or President - has been easier for him, Radev says both of them are rather important and bear great responsibility.

On his career success, Radev says that the criteria for apprising one's achievements are varying substantially in different spheres.

'It is important to be satisfied with your line of duty and do your best to accomplish your task. That's the only way to achieve satisfactory results,' Radev says.

Speaking about Macedonia, Radev says he has gathered many information about the country having regrets to visiting it for the first time.

'I should make up for the lost time. Macedonia is an amazing country of incredible people,' Radev says, notifying that he intends to visit it more often in the future. lk/15:31


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