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Sunday, January 21, 2018, 

Prosecutors on the front line to protect rule of law, human rights: Macedonia's Public Prosecutor

Prosecutors on the front line to protect rule of law, human rights: Macedonia

Skopje, 3 January 2018 (MIA) - Public prosecutors of the basic public prosecution offices are the backbone of the prosecuting organization and they should be on the front lines guarding the rule of law and human rights, the new state public prosecutor, Ljubomir Joveski, told his colleagues of the Skopje Basic Public Prosecution in a meeting held ahead of the New Year's holidays.

Referring to the importance of the public prosecutors' profession, Joveski underscored the objective of his future efforts, that of the institution and the profession of a public prosecutor as well - to restore the image and authority, respect and the practice of abiding by the laws.

According to an information of the Public Prosecutor's Office of Macedonia on Wednesday, a special emphasis was put by Joveski on the independence of conducting actions on the part of the public prosecutors. He pledged to make sure public prosecutors worked free of pressure. Their main task is to respect and implement the laws, share legal opinions, solve cases on time and in a manner that guarantees legality, according to him.

"The Public Prosecution of the Republic of Macedonia is the sole independent state body that guarantees protection of the rights of the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia and the rule of law. Thus, we all bear the responsibility of our actions that in the future will be merited by quantity and quality," the state public prosecutor noted. ba/13:14



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