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Wednesday, February 21, 2018, 



MIA distributes news and other information articles (approximately 300-350 articles daily i.e. about 9.750 articles per month via its services and sub-services) to subscribers via e-mail and at the same time displays them on its website. The overall production contains services (Macedonia, Balkans, Europe and World), special services (in Albanian and English languages), sub-services, bulletins, photo and phono services. 

07.00-24.00 continuous news service
MACEDONIA(news originating from this service are divided into 17 categories on the website)

07.00-24.00 continuous news service in Albanian and English
MACEDONIA (news originating from this service are divided into 17 categories on the website)

Specialized sub-services that are published by MIA in accordance with determined time dynamics throughout the day 

ANNOUNCEMENTS - announcements for events (MAC, ALB, ENG)

HEADLINES 24 HOURS - yesterday's headlines (MAC, ALB, ENG)

INFO package 
- astronomic calendar (MAC, ALB, ENG)
- meteo - Hydrometeorological Service (MAC, ALB, ENG)
- roads-AMS and Macedonia Road (MAC, ALB, ENG)
- Macedonian Orthodox Church calendar (MAC, ENG)
- Catholic Church calendar (MAC, ENG)
- Islamic Religious Community calendar (ALB)
- today in history (MAC, ENG)
- customs and beliefs (MAC)

MARKET - announcement regarding MIA's offer for the day (MAC, ALB)

BUSINESS - business news from Macedonia and the world (MAC, ALB, ENG)

EU-NATO integration - Euro-Atlantic integration (MAC, ALB, ENG)

ORIGINAL TEXTS - integral texts from institutions and organizations (MAC)

SKOPJE - news from Skopje (MAC)

CORRESPONDENTS-MKD - news from other municipalities (MAC)

POLITICAL PARTIES - activities and press releases from political parties (MAC)

CULTURE - culture and art (MAC, ALB, ENG)

ECO - ecology (MAC)

TELECOMMUNICATIONS - news related to the field of communications (MAC, ALB, ENG)

STORY - selection of interesting articles from foreign media (MAC, ALB)

INTERVIEW - discussions on current developments (MAC, ALB, ENG)

RETRO 7 - more important events from the past week (MAC, ALB, ENG)

MOSAIC - common life and jet-set (MAC, ALB ENG) 

Politics and finance - covering topics from the Balkan region (Tuesday and Friday) (MAC) Defense and security - covering topics from the Balkan region (Tuesday and Friday) (MAC, ENG) Newsletter - latest news on local and international developments (daily) (ENG) Business world - short business news from around the world (daily) (MAC) 

The service includes photos from daily events and developments in Macedonia. They are in high-resolution quality, adapted for the press and television stations. You can access the photo service via the link PHOTO on MIA's website.

Audio coverage of daily events, lasting up to 90 seconds, that are up-to-date and adjustable for daily information programs aired on radios and television stations. They are recorded in MP3 format.

In order to use the phono service, you need to download program suitable for audio-recordings.

You can access the phono service via the link PHOTO on MIA's website.

It is written in ENG at the end of the headline for further explanation

! ! ! - attention
URG - urgent
CОR - corrected
SUP - supplemented 
RPT - repeated
WD - withdrawn
EMBARGO - embargo until
FN - footnote
### - end of the news


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