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Saturday, June 23, 2018, 

Kathimerini: New Democracy calls Greece’s ruling coalition on uniform stance to name dispute

Kathimerini: New Democracy calls Greece’s ruling coalition on uniform stance to name dispute

Athens, 28 December 2017 (MIA) - The main Greek opposition party New Democracy is calling on the government to clarify its uniform stance in regard to name dispute, due to differences in the party on this issue, Kathimerini daily reads.

"We remind Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and his coalition partner Panos Kammenos that two parties, Syriza and the Independent Greeks, are in the government, not in the opposition. And since we assume that they communicate with each other, we expect a concrete and joint proposal for the name of the FYROM. Because as long as they are in the government they bear the responsibility for the agreement, and not the opposition parties,” New Democracy said in a press release.

The conservative party’s demand for clarity came after Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias suggested this week that the leftist-led government would be looking for a “majority of lawmakers” and not a “majority of parties” when it came to deciding on the name issue, Kathimerini reads.

Kotzias’s comment was seen as an apparent dig at the government’s coalition partner, right-wing nationalist Independent Greeks, whose leader, Panos Kammenos, said his party would never consent to a name containing the word “Macedonia.”

Also leftist Syriza also has MPs who are unwilling or even oppose the acceptance of the name with geographic qualifier.

Former New Democracy foreign minister Dora Bakoyannis accused the government of lacking a uniform stance on the issue, adding that for this reason it is “condemned to failure.”

Greece’s centrist To Potami party also urged the coalition government to clarify its position on the name dispute. sk/14:45


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