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Thursday, June 21, 2018, 

Greek media on yesterday's rally in Skopje

Greek media on yesterday

Athens, 5 March 2018 (MIA) – "We are Macedonia: Another Rally in Skopje," "No to Athens, say thousands in Skopje," "FYROM: Protests in Skopje against the name change," "New rally about the name Macedonia," and "Skopje protests: We are Macedonians" are only a few of the headlines ran by Greek online media outlets reporting on the rally that took place in Skopje on Sunday. 

The brief articles include photos, but mostly quote Macedonian media and news agencies such as Reuters. They are unsupported by further analysis and editorial comments, MIA Athens correspondent reports. 

"Featuring the slogan 'We Are Macedonia,'" an article in the online edition of Efimerida ton Syntacton reads, "the civil society organizations taking part in the protests asked the government of FYROM to refuse any changes to the name and protect their language and national identity."

Грчки медиуми протести 2

Greek media reported that around 5,000 people had taken part in the protests, pointing out that this was the second rally in Skopje within the last week. 

"Thousands of FYROM citizens protested against the name change in Skopje on Sunday," Greek Sky TV reported, "while protesters in Melbourne, Australia, seemed to set a Greek flag on fire."

Last night's primetime news in Greece focused on the rallies against the name change organized by the Macedonian diaspora in Australia. mr/11:53


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