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Saturday, June 23, 2018, 

Poposki says Soros activities in Macedonia have become unacceptable

Poposki says Soros activities in Macedonia have become unacceptable

Skopje, 16 January 2017 (MIA) - In an interview with Italian magazine La Verita, Foreign Affairs Minister Nikola Poposki said that it is important to quickly form the next Government, in order to reduce attempts of foreign interference into Macedonian domestic affairs. Poposki said that the country has faced strong political pressure, coming mainly from the George Soros funded Foundation Open Society, and called the activities of this organization unacceptable.

"About 90 percent of funds that are received by the non-Governmental organizations in Macedonia come from one and the same source. Many of these recipients are engaged almost exclusively in politics, something that should be done by the political parties. But here, we have NGO groups acting in politics under the guise of humanitarian organizations. This clearly can't be accepted by a sovereign country. It would be unacceptable in Italy. In fact, these organizations are behind the media pressures and inappropriate influences on the public opinion. They begin political fights which, by some strange coincidence, always put pressure on one side in politics. And they always support the Socialist coalition. According to us, this constitutes destabilization of the country", Poposki told La Verita.

Poposki added that Macedonia faced difficult periods during the political crisis in 2015 and 2016, but that the country is now prepared to emerge stronger from the pressures. "We were under tutorship for a long time and we experienced pressures that led to the resignation of the previous Government. But, I believe that in the end we reached a solution acceptable to the Macedonian citizens. We had the elections and now, in accordance with the agreed trajectory, we will prove that we are stable. Our goal is to reach the European Union and NATO, and, as a small country, to have stable relations with the EU, When you are outside of the large coalitions, you easily fall under influence of external factors due to the lack of stability. Now this stability is in place and I'm certain that external influences will be reduced", said Poposki.cc/10:46


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