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Saturday, September 22, 2018, 

Xhaferi: Opposition to return to parliament, Macedonia does not need elections (UPD)

Xhaferi: Opposition to return to parliament, Macedonia does not need elections (UPD)

Skopje, 28 December 2017 (MIA) - Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi expects and beliefs that the opposition will take part in the work of the parliamentary bodies and sessions as of January 9, 2018 when the session on law on languages and election of constitutional judges is scheduled. Macedonia does not need new elections in 2018, but efforts should be made by everybody aimed at getting a positive progress report and start of EU accession negotiations, Xhaferi told reporters on Thursday.

Xhaferi said that the political crisis in Macedonia ended six months ago and the political situation in the country is stable regardless of the events connected to the opposition and leaving the government by one of the political parties.

"Turmoil within the political parties is expected to the surpassed and as of January 9 the parliament should work in its full composition with participation of the opposition and all political parties considering their previous statements that they will attend the parliament’s sessions. And especially for the reform laws, in the context to expectations from the EC Progress Report and Macedonia’s progress," Xhaferi said.

Xhaferi expects parliament to work on regular basis in 2018.

“I wish and expect this from the political parties, having in mind that Macedonia should receive a positive EC report with a date without conditions for launch of EU accession negotiations in April and all entities to contribute with this kind of manner to the possible resolution of name dispute,” he said.

He also said that Macedonia does not need elections in 2018 because everything that should have been told to the citizens was told, given the frequency of holding the elections in Macedonia.

Nobody should think about new elections in 2018, it is unserious considering what we expect in April, but also how it could affect the economy, the work of local authorities and in general the institutions, Xhaferi added.

Draft version of the Parliament’s Rules of Procedure is created, which together with the Code of Ethics should be reviewed within the Jean Monnet process, a meeting of representatives of the parliamentary groups, which is expected to be held near Paris on Jan. 25 and 26, Xhaferi said.

In regard to his view that the decision on change of the name can be reached in the parliament, Xhaferi said from formal legal point of view, it can be resolved by a decision in the parliament because the MPs are peoples’ representatives.

If President Gjorge Ivanov does not sign the law on the use of languages within ten days after its adoption, which should happen immediately after the Christmas holidays, the law is returned to parliament and within 30 days the law should be voted again.

Xhaferi does not expect the treaty on friendship, good neighborly relations and cooperation with Bulgaria to be ratified before Jan. 15 and expects the opposition to attend the session too. sk/13:23


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