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Tuesday, May 22, 2018, 

No new Zaev-Tsipras meeting, constitutional changes not discussed: Gov't spokesman

No new Zaev-Tsipras meeting, constitutional changes not discussed: Gov

Skopje, 7 February 2018 (MIA) - A meeting of the PMs of Macedonia and Greece, Zoran Zaev and Alexis Tsipras, hasn't been scheduled yet, government spokesman Mile Bosnjakovski told a news conference Wednesday.

Answering a journalist question as to whether Athens as part of the name negotiations was expected to demand amendments to the Articles 3 and 49 of the Constitution of Macedonia, Bosnjakovski said no such thing was being discussed at the moment.

Commenting on Greek media reports that high officials representing Macedonia in Davos had accepted every demand of the Greek officials, the spokesman stated that the meeting of the premiers in Davos was 'clear and transparent.'

"All that was agreed by the premiers of the countries was transparently announced at a news conference after the meeting, which was also streamed online. What was done in Davos is a serious step toward finding a resolution to the issue of Greece regarding our constitutional name. Additionally, everything that was agreed in Davos was revealed by PM Tsipras at the news conference," Bosnjakovski said.

In fact, he added, the Davos talks helped unblock the EU integration processes of Macedonia stalled since 2009.

In line with what has been agreed in Davos, the spokesman said, the government has decided to rename the highway and the Skopje airport.

Asked what geographical qualifier was acceptable for Macedonia and the extent of the use of the name solution, Bosnjakovski reiterated that at this stage details of the negotiations wouldn't be revealed.

"The negotiations are of serious importance for Macedonia. I have nothing more to add apart from what PM Zaev had said, that we are prepared for a geographical qualifier," the spokesman noted. ba/13:56


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