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Sunday, June 24, 2018, 

Public administration employees soon to sign a collective contract

Public administration employees soon to sign a collective contract

Skopje, 6 March 2018 (MIA) – Public administration employees will soon be given a collective contract that regulates their rights and obligations.

The Trade Union of Administration, Justice System, and Civil Organization Employees of Macedonia and the Ministry of Information Society and Administration reached an agreement today to set up working groups that will negotiate the public administration collective contract.

After the meeting, Trade Union president Peco Grujovski and IT and Administration Minister Damjan Mančevski expressed their hopes to achieve the best outcomes for public administration employees.

"This is the first collective contract since 1995 we have tried to negotiate and, I hope, to enter into. It should regulate the rights and obligations of public administration employees much more directly," Minister Mančevski said. 

Trade Union president Grujovski said they want to make sure the contract would guarantee that public administration employees are paid a K-15 annual leave bonusmr/16:55



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