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Friday, April 20, 2018, 

Poposki: Increased engagement by key NATO, EU members in name settlement

Skopje, 24 July 2014 (MIA) - We cannot expect any progress in the name row without political will by Athens and concrete engagement by key NATO and EU members, said Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki on Thursday.

"The biggest limiting factor at this time is the lack of any political will in Greece to seriously sit on the table and seek for a solution in the issue. The reasons are obvious, since the political focus is on domestic challenges, which practically absorb their entire energy. In addition, it is obvious they want to avoid this issue and resume on the no-decision path in NATO and EU. A change of this situation requires greater focus by key NATO and EU member-states", said FM Poposki.

According to him, Macedonia should continue with its proactive and positive approach, but Athens should also demonstrate specific steps.

Asked if he expected a new proposal by UN envoy in the name row Matthew Nimetz, who will visit Skopje and Athens next week, Poposki said he was not aware of such announcement.

Regarding German Chancellor Angela Merkel's statement that the name row also includes the issue of identity, Poposki said it was no secret from the very beginning that Athens' ambitions exceeded any international legal framework or democratic standards.

"We insist on democratic standards and international law, which clearly identify the right of self-determination and the fundamental human rights. All those observing the row are aware that the Greek approach, besides being illegal, touches upon parameters referring to identity", said the FM.

Poposki addressed today the 5. Annual Conference of Emigrant Organizations, saying the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would focus on the introduction of as much as online services, so that emigrants use less time and resources in obtaining their requirements. ik/12:26


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