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Saturday, June 23, 2018, 

Skopje and Tetovo register worst levels of air pollution

Skopje and Tetovo register worst levels of air pollution

Skopje, 29 December 2015 (MIA) - Tetovo and Skopje remain worst polluted cities in Macedonia, with the PM-10 air pollution index rising well above maximum allowed levels. Measuring stations in Tetovo showed there were 386 micrograms of PM-10 particles per cubic meter of air.

The capital Skopje had 332 micrograms measured in the downtown, 310 micrograms in Gazi Baba and 264 micrograms in Lisice. Bitola had 118 micrograms measured per cubic meter, and Kicevo measured 115 micrograms.

Due to the elevated levels of air pollution, the Government issued a set of recommendations, calling on companies to exempt pregnant women, elderly employees and those with chronic health issues from work. Municipal authorities are asked to intensify cleaning up of streets, especially around construction sites. Environmental inspection teams are required to step up checks of the filtration systems in the most polluting industrial plants. Households are asked not to use furniture, plastics and waste for heating.

Two dozen civic organizations held a protest on Monday evening, requesting urgent steps to reduce pollution.cc/10:01


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