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Monday, April 23, 2018, 

Economic Chamber of Macedonia marks 95th anniversary

Economic Chamber of Macedonia marks 95th anniversary

Skopje, 17 February 2017 (MIA) - Under the slogan 'Globalization for big, cooperation for small, the Economic Chamber of Macedonia celebrated Friday its 95th birthday.

A round table: "Position of Small Countries in the International Economy - Advantages and Disadvantages" was organized today in Skopje in honor of the 95th anniversary of the establishment of Macedonia's organized system of chambers of commerce with a round table: "Position of Small Countries in the International Economy - Advantages and Disadvantages".

The event brought together foreign and domestic representatives of the business. scientific and expert community, including successful businessmen, statesmen, professors and researchers from the region, such as Milo Djukanovic, Stjepan Mesic, Vladimir Gligorov, Branko Roglic, Sandi Cesko...

Branko Azeski, President of Macedonia's Economic Chamber, underlined the need of fostering of the public-private dialogue between the chambers and business associations, pointing out that the new government should work on surpassing the problems with the implementation of laws and including the business community in drafting the regulations.

This event is actually a preparation of a grand conference this September, which will be dedicated to bolstering the cooperation among companies from small countries and assisting them in approaching large markets abroad, Azeski said.

Economy knows no small countries but recognizes successful economies and Macedonia has a capacity to be one of them, chamber's representative Goran Rafajlovski said.

He also referred to the consequences of the political developments in Macedonia on companies referring to the long process of forming a new government.

Taking a journalist's question Azeski said the damages of the long-standing blockade of border crossing Evzoni by Greek farmers would be substantial.

Over the years the Economic Chamber of Macedonia has contributed immensely to the development of the Macedonian economy, mostly for vocational training of employees, the improvement of production quality and the development and affirmation of the country’s economic potentials.

As a referent institution of the business in the country, it brings together around 15.000 members on voluntary bases, most of them small and medium enterprises. Its members have dominant participation in establishing of all the macroeconomic indicators on state’s level (GDP, foreign trade exchange, employment, settlement of obligations towards the state, etc.). lk/16:55





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