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Sunday, August 19, 2018, 

Macedonia should remain on its EU and NATO path: French Ambassador

Macedonia should remain on its EU and NATO path: French Ambassador

Skopje, 20 March 2017 (MIA) - Macedonia should remain on the path to EU and NATO, and this requires a responsible government that will be able to make decisions and carry out reforms, as well as politicians with a sense of common interest for the country, French Ambassador Christian Timonier stated Monday.

It is expected a government to be formed and it is important this decision to be made quickly since the country cannot wait too long. There are economic and political challenges everyone expects a strong Macedonia. EU Commissioner (Johannes) Hahn is to visit Skopje tomorrow (Tuesday) and we hope to find good and practical solution towards current slowdown in government formation, Timonier said.

Pointing out that everyone expects strong Macedonia which will be respected for its territorial integrity, sovereignty and its unity and from this viewpoint France as other European countries will always be on its side.

I consider that today’s politicians will be at the level of their predecessors throughout history who showed how working together can be possible and by sacrificing for the common good helped in creating this country, Timonier underlined.

Asked whether Tirana platform should be withdrawn, given that a large majority of Macedonians oppose it, Timonier did not give his opinion on the matter. sk/13:40


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