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Friday, April 20, 2018, 

Macedonian-Turkish business forum takes place in Skopje

Macedonian-Turkish business forum takes place in Skopje

Skopje, 20 April 2017 (MIA) - IT and healthcare companies from the Turkish city of Izmir are interested in investing in Macedonia. Officials of 20 companies from IT and health clusters of the Izmir Chamber of Commerce are examining cooperation opportunities at a business forum held Thursday in Skopje with Macedonian companies that are part of the Macedonian - Turkish Chamber of Commerce (MATTO).

In addition to investment potentials, they are also mulling opportunities for joint participation in European projects and promotion at third market for ultimately bolstering trade exchange between Macedonia and Turkey.

"IT companies from Turkey are attending and they are interested in investing in Macedonia and in opening their branches. There are also healthcare firms, pharmaceuticals, manufacturers of medical aids that are interested to sale their products here. MATTO is fully at their disposal to support them in their intentions," stated MATTO's vice-president Marija Tomevska.

MATTO and the Izmir Chamber of Commerce signed today a cooperation deal, designed to further increase the exchange of goods between Macedonia and Turkey.

"Macedonia and Turkey have set up highly important strategic ties, economic exchange is deemed at high level standing at EUR 450 million. However, we believe trade exchange will be boosted and more foreign investments will be attracted by establishing a stronger cooperation with the Izmir Chamber of Commerce and with other chambers in Turkey," stated Tomevska.

Officials of the Izmir Chamber of Commerce visiting Macedonia are hopeful that a fresh cooperation between companies would advance economic development.

"We hope we will have the chance to lay down cooperation and contacts with IT companies and companies providing health services. Hopefully, by producing good results, we will contribute to the cooperation between the two countries," stated Emre Ilalan of the Izmir Chamber of Commerce. ba/15:52


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