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Saturday, June 23, 2018, 

Zaev talks foreign policy, domestic affairs at interview with media chief editors

Zaev talks foreign policy, domestic affairs at interview with media chief editors

Skopje, 7 June 2017 (MIA) - In a Macedonian Television interview late on Tuesday, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev discussed foreign policy and domestic affairs with chief editors of leading media in Macedonia.

PM Zaev expressed hope that Macedonia would soon join NATO under the interim reference, in parallel with the name row discussions with Greece.

"In this regard, I hope it is possible for Macedonia to soon become NATO member under the interim reference, accompanied by at least approximation of certain positions with Greece, sending of positive messages, confirming the confidence-building measures launched by the previous government that we indent to upgrade. In this way, we can create an ambiance of Macedonia being partially unblocked", said Zaev.

According to him, the Alliance membership is possible if Greece lifts the veto.

"There are two ways: solution to the name problems or our NATO entry under the interim reference while continuing negotiations with Greece over the problem, for the purpose of our EU integration", added Zaev.

He said support would be sought for Macedonia's NATO accession from Greece, Bulgarian and Albania, but also other countries.

"I do not have an issue of asking Greek citizens to understand Macedonia's need to join NATO, because I always have an understanding about their rights or interests, also knowing they can put countless obstacles in the process of our NATO and EU integration", said Zaev.

He stressed that Macedonia's NATO and EU membership would mean stability and economic benefit for Greece too.

Regarding the state of the budget, the PM said all lines of liquidity have been exceeded, but voiced conviction that the state would service liabilities and citizens' needs.

"There are no EUR 130 million in the budget, but EUR 6 million, accompanied by non-registered matured liabilities. This means that the public debt has surpassed the threshold of 50 percent from the GDP. I believe there is a hidden debt exceeding EUR 1 billion that is not registered in the total debt. The finance minister will present the information to the public as he gets the relevant information. I am not saying this to scare the people. We will manage the process and Macedonia will move forward", said Zaev. ik/10:40


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