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Sunday, April 22, 2018, 

Meeting in agriculture ministry over wheat buyout

Meeting in agriculture ministry over wheat buyout

Skopje, 17 June 2017 (MIA) - Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy Ljupco Nikolovski are meeting Saturday with millers over the wheat purchase price.

"We have listened to farmers, today we will meet with wheat buyers and then take a decision following proper analysis", said Minister Nikolovski prior to the meeting, adding the decision by the prior government to sell wheat from the stock reserves in light of the harvest was a wrong one and would have a negative effect on the wheat market price.

"Over 20,000 tonnes of wheat from the stock reserves were sold at a very low price. That sale at a price of MKD 6-7 per kilogram creates problems on the market, especially in the coming period", said Nikolovski.

He added the required analyses would be made in order to solve the problems that have accumulated over the years, along with the possibility of a joint meeting between wheat producers and millers.

Mladen Janev, representative of the milling industry, said they are facing series of problems, including law changes in recent years that have enabled individuals to import and sell flour.

"The buyout should be carried out at market prices. If the issues of imports and finished products, meaning flour, are regulated then the wheat price would be improved, accompanied by realistic subsidies provided by the agriculture ministry", said Janev. ik/14:25


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