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Sunday, April 22, 2018, 

SDSM attends Chinese led Belt and Road initiative in Bucharest

SDSM attends Chinese led Belt and Road initiative in Bucharest

Bucharest, 16 July 2017 (MIA) - An SDSM party delegation, led by Dejan Pavleski from its Committee on municipal self-governance, attended the dialogue of political parties from Central and Eastern Europe held in Budapest under the Chinese led Belt and Road initiative. Pavleski attended debates on youth cooperation, business and inter-state dialogue.

'Pavleski noted the key position Macedonia has as a crossroad of the Bakans and emphasized that dialogue between political parties is essential to ensure political stability. Pavleski concluded that the new SDSM led Government of Macedonia is fully prepared and open for cooperation with all, based on mutual trust and respect", SDSM said in a press release.

Speaking to Chinese media, Pavleski said that this continuation of the 16+1 format of Chinese involvement in Central and Eastern Europe will help improve infrastructure, energy and agriculture and will lead to closer cooperation in the region which once sat on the Silk Road.cc/17:04


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