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Sunday, July 22, 2018, 

Public sector employees' register not reflecting real picture: minister

Public sector employees

Skopje, 13 August 2017 (MIA) - The Ministry of Information Society and Administration has found inactive systematization, unlisted employment contracts, lack of updated data of public sector employees during the individual checkup of all 1,302 institutions in Macedonia.

Due to a lack of real picture on employees in the public sector, the ministry has forwarded data to the State Election Commission (SEC) that is obtained by cross-checking databases from several institutions.

Minister Damjan Mancevski told Sunday's press conference they had faced a bigger problem than expected, because they established that 197 institutions have not asked the ministry for systematization consent, resulting in no data for these institutions, whereas 150 institutions have not entered any data despite having approved systematization.

"The ministry has no register that contains information on all public sector employees. Although EUR 2 million were allocated for the register over a period of five years (2014-2018), it does not reflect the real picture with the number of employees. Due to these shortcomings, the ministry submitted data to the State Election Commission over public sector employees who are not entered in the register, information obtained as a result of the cross-checks of databases from several institutions. The data forwarded to SEC refers to 115,729 public sector employees, but this number is not official and does not reflect the real picture", said Mancevski.

He added the ministry cannot completely guarantee over the data credibility, but it could serve SEC in the administering of the local elections.

Mancevski stressed they are working on overcoming the problem, towards getting a functional register of public sector employees as soon as possible.

"The responsibility is collective and detected in many places. The system is functional from a technical point of view, but it is a fact that the public was misled with the released number of public sector employees", he said.

Mancevski underlined that despite having approved systematization and having entered data, there are serious indications for deficiencies in the available information for the remaining institutions. ik/13:50


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