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Saturday, September 22, 2018, 

Amendments in the works to regulate food waste in Macedonia

Amendments in the works to regulate food waste in Macedonia

Skopje, 25 September 2017 (MIA) - Macedonia throws away 5,000 tons of food annually - an amount that could provide 13,000 people with three meals a day.

Legal amendments are in the works to solve the issue, which are expected to be completed by early 2018 at the latest. They will likely regulate instances in which food will be donated for charity, instead of being discarded, it was concluded Monday at an event of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia.

Macedonia is ranked 7th in the world considering food waste. "In the process, damage is caused estimated at EUR 10 million. Households get rid of food the most, followed by restaurants, manufacturers and suppliers. Some figures are considered very serious - they probably amount to 10,000 tons per yer," stated Blaze Josifovski, head of the Association for Clear Environment, which is initiating the amendments.

According to him, the initiative already has secured support from the business sector, chambers of commerce and the government.

"Simple and quick administrative procedures should be provided to motivate companies to donate food," Josifovski said noting that 445,000 citizens in Macedonia had only one meal a day.

In line with the Horizon 2020 programme, the EU aims at cutting down food waste by 30% until 2025. ba/16:44


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