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Wednesday, June 20, 2018, 

Producers urge organic food to be made available to consumers

Producers urge organic food to be made available to consumers

Skopje, 7 October 2017 (MIA) - Organic production in Macedonia is facing major challenges. There is still low awareness and demand for organic products is insignificant. The market for organic products is mainly reduced to Skopje, it was noted at Saturday's promotion of the mobile app Organic Road, organized by the Organization of Consumers of Macedonia, the Association for Developing Initiatives 'Zenit' and the Association of agro-journalists Media Plus.

Manufacturers tend to make organic food available to consumers, which requires a lot of hard work, according to Vasko Petrusevski, manufacturer of organic products.

To that end, state support is necessary. All obstacles standing in the way of the organic product reaching the consumer should be lifted, according to him.

Commenting on the app, Petrusevski said that every link between manufacturers and consumers was of great importance.

"We have been seeking ways to enter new markets and to establish a different contact with consumers," he stated.

The Organization of Consumers of Macedonia is prepared to help push for new strategy on organic food. "We will help producers establish a link with consumers," said its president Marijana Loncar.

Organic Road, the app launched as part of the so called International Green Week, aims to encourage people to buy organic food more, which will in turn boost organic production in Macedonia. ba/17:07


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