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Monday, June 18, 2018, 

Change of Kosovo's borders could have domino effect, Ahmeti tells KosovaPress

Change of Kosovo

Skopje, 12 October 2017 (MIA) - Statements by top Serbian officials about changing the borders of Kosovo are deemed dangerous and having a domino effect for the entire Western Balkans, DUI leader Ali Ahmeti has told KosovaPress.

In the interview with Kosovo's news agency, Ahmeti urges 'these things to be reconsidered in-depth', because if the process of changing the borders of Kosovo begins, it will have a domino effect gripping other countries.

Ahmeti says Russia was to blame for the idea, because the country didn't want the Western Balkans to be part of the EU, much less NATO.

"Top Russian officials, President Vladimir Putin and Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, have openly said that Macedonia's accession to NATO is a classic provocation, the worst one that can be done to Russia," Ahemti says in the interview.

The DUI leader says he believed that Albanians can be united only within the European Union after borders in the region are lifted.

Ahmeti calls on the authorities in Serbia, the authorities in Kosovo, and also those in Macedonia and Albania to have 'a clear head' when analyzing the circumstances and to see which is the best and most productive solution for the region.

Albanians, he says, have never been better. When asked whether more could be done, he responds that it can and that European standards should be met to be part of Europe. According to him, there should be no borders because 'there's no reason for borders and for passengers to wait for three hours on the border between Kosovo and Macedonia.'

Accession into the EU, Ahmeti says, is beneficial for all, because the European Union is a value that respects diversities.

In the interview, Ahmeti refers to the state of play involving Albanians in Macedonia saying their status have never been better, but notes that more must be achieved so that they can be equal with Macedonians in every aspect.

On the most discussed issue in Macedonia - the Albanian language being declared official in all institutions - Ahmeti says the issue has been closed and the law will be adopted after the local elections.

As regards the upcoming local elections in Macedonia, the DUI leader says that he is confident his party will win and that DUI will govern a bulk of the municipalities with predominantly Albanian population.

DUI at the moment manages 16 out of 18 municipalities with a dominant Albanian community, according to Ahmeti.

Speaking to KosovaPress, Ahmeti says that Albanians in Macedonia do not need more than two parties that will be championing their interests in the institutions of Macedonia.

Concluding the interview with the Pristina-based news agency, Ahemti calls for peaceful elections marked by an overwhelming turnout of the citizens of Macedonia in the local elections, set to take place this coming Sunday. ba/13:54



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