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Wednesday, June 20, 2018, 

LE2017/ Zaev in video address says time has come for new policy of fulfilled promises

LE2017/ Zaev in video address says time has come for new policy of fulfilled promises

Skopje, 12 October 2017 (MIA) - Time has come for a new policy in which word is a word and what matters the most is the voice of the citizens. The new policy suggests that through the central government we will strongly support the municipalities and the citizens. Money must be allocated at a local level in order to create municipalities that work for you, says SDSM leader Zoran Zaev in an address Thursday to the citizens ahead of the October 15 local elections.

In a video address, Zaev says the citizens are faced with yet another historic decision for Macedonia to make sure progress, development and growth is enabled.

"The change must be complete, because Macedonia needs complete freedom, economy, justice and life in every municipality, he stresses.

Zaev assures the citizens that SDSM's mayors will do their best to fulfill the plans made for them. "Children will be taken care of in warm and cozy kindergartens and schools. The citizens will walk on quality and asphalted streets and roads. There will be sewage in every municipality. There will be clean running water in every home. We will breathe clean air, because there's no freedom and life without clean air. Everyone will get quality, timely service in their own municipalities," he pledges.

Addressing the citizens, the SDSM leader calls them on October 15 to be part of 'a joint action', to hit the polls and to cast their vote for 'a life in Macedonia and for a life in every municipality.'

"Let us vote freely in order to complete the changes that were introduced with your help," Zaev concludes. ba/15:50



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