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Sunday, June 24, 2018, 

Croatia: Former Agrokor executive arrested

Croatia: Former Agrokor executive arrested

Zagreb, 16 October 2017 (MIA) - An attorney for former Agrokor chief financial officer Ivan Crnjac has confirmed that his client has been arrested after a police search of his apartment, Hina reports.

Attorney Ljubo Pavasovic Viskovic said the ongoing police investigation referred to the business operations of the ailing food and retail corporation in the last several years and that police took a telephone and "two sheets of paper" from his client's home.

"This has to do with the audit report, accounting irregularities, and the forging of balance sheets and reports," said Pavasovic Viskovic, who added that he expected prosecutors to question Crnjac during the day.

Attorney Rajko Coguric, who represents Ante Todoric, one of Agrokor founder Ivica Todoric's sons, said that his client had been advised of his rights but that those rights did not include any legal particulars and were more "a political declaration than a concrete document."

Coguric added that his client, even though he was outside of Croatia, would respond if summoned for questioning by judicial authorities.

A month or so ago, Ante Todoric cancelled his residence in Croatia and took up residence in London, said the attorney.

"He is not on the run and in any case, when he receives a formal request, he will respond and make himself available to judicial authorities," said the attorney.

Coguric, like other attorneys hired by former Agrokor executives, said that he did not know what exactly the former executives were being charged with.

According to unofficial information, some 300 police are participating in the investigation in the Agrokor case and they are searching as many as 60 locations. ik/10:36



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