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Saturday, June 23, 2018, 

Court to issue "Fortress 2" ruling on Wednesday

Court to issue "Fortress 2" ruling on Wednesday

Skopje, 6 November 2017 (MIA) - The Special Prosecutor's Office (SPO) urged Monday the Skopje-based Criminal Court to issue the most severe penalty to first defendant Goran Grujevski over case "Fortress 2" involving the destruction of official documents related to the illegal wiretapping.

Prosecutor Lence Ristoska said in the closing arguments before the court that former chief of the Administration for Security and Counterintelligence (UBK) Grujevski committed the crime through abuse of his power and post, ordering and organizing the destruction of official documents related to the illegal wiretapping, attempted to hide the tracks on who and how carried out the interception of communications, hindered the investigation and afterwards fled the country.

SPO asked for suspended sentences for the six other defendants, all UBK employees. She said the failure to show remorse was an aggravating circumstance, while the lack of prior criminal record and the fact that some are single parents could be mitigating circumstances.

"The law is clear. If an order from a superior violates the law, the civil servant is obliged to refuse to act on it. We expect defendants to be convicted", said Ristoska after the hearing.

Ленче Ристовска

On the other hand, the defense urged the court to acquit the defendants, because there was no criminal but possibly a misdemeanor act in the case.

Grujevski's lawyer Ljupco Svrgovski asked the court to eliminate the influence of media reporting when ruling in the case.

The court is expected to issue its ruling in the case on Wednesday.

Grujevski is currently in detention in Greece, alongside former UBK employee Nikola Boskovski, who was supposed to appear as witness in "Fortress 2". They were arrested at the Thessaloniki airport on October 18, using fake Bulgarian passports to board a plane to Budapest. The extradition procedure is ongoing. ik/13:40


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