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Thursday, June 21, 2018, 

Zaev says chances for name row settlement now 'greater than before'

Zaev says chances for name row settlement now

Skopje, 10 November 2017 (MIA) - Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said Friday that Macedonia must be prepared to make a step forward in the name issue adding that chances for a solution now are greater than before.

"Macedonia and Greece have a greater chance than before to find a solution. I expect things to move forward by the end of this month, at least of negotiators and Nimetz. I am available, the Foreign Minister is prepared, we already held talks with the President. Macedonia must be ready for a step forward towards reaching a final settlement of the issue", PM Zaev told reporters after presenting the 2018 draft-Budget.

He expects the opposition to be involved in the process, not by putting obstacles and delaying, but towards finding a solution to the problem that hinders Macedonia's integration process.

Asked about the idea of renaming the Skopje-based airport after former President Kiro Gligorov, the PM said he liked it and wanted to listen to the people.

"I like the idea, but I would also want to listen to the people, a debate should open and we are here to serve the citizens' interests", underlined Zaev. ik/13:46


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