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Friday, April 20, 2018, 

Skopje and Sarajevo sign twin cities agreement

Skopje and Sarajevo sign twin cities agreement

Skopje, 14 November 2017 (MIA) - Mayors of Skopje and Sarajevo Petre Silegov and Abdulah Skaka signed Tuesday twin cities agreement.

This agreement is a result of one-year process, thanks to our predecessors and the city administration, Silegov stated after agreement signing ceremony.

Sarajevo is the 20th city with which Skopje is twinned with and is the last city from the former Yugoslav state.

He thanked to the Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Macedonia Lepa Babic who helped a lot in this process.

We can realize serious cooperation because both Skopje and Sarajevo have the same or similar problems as pollution, urbanism, infrastructure ... We already initialed an agreement for the exchange of experiences between the Skopje and Sarajevo public transport companies related to exploitation of cable cars and traffic exchange experiences, Silegov underlined.

Skaka wished Silegov successful work pointing out that that this is a good start for the cooperation between Sarajevo and Skopje. He emphasized that Skopje is the first city in the former Yugoslavia to be twinned and added that both Skopje and Sarajevo are nurturing multiethnicity.

Agreement signing ceremony was attended by delegation from Sarajevo and councillors from both cities. sk/12:24


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