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Thursday, April 26, 2018, 

Deputy PM Osmani: Implementation of 3-6-9 Plan paves the way for EU accession talks

Deputy PM Osmani: Implementation of 3-6-9 Plan paves the way for EU accession talks

Brussels, 14 November 2017 (MIA) - As part of his Brussels visit, Deputy PM in charge of EU affairs Bujar Osmani attended a policy briefing at the think tank European Policy Center, dedicated to the government's 3-6-9 Plan and Macedonia's EU integration process.

In his address, Osmani briefly presented the 3-6-9 Plan and the course of its implementation in the coming months.

He pinpointed the judicial system, public administration and intelligence services as being the most crucial spheres, for which the government had already prepared draft strategies and action plans.

"The 3-6-9 Plan is a document that incorporates all the demands for reforms in order its implementation to result in an outcome envisaging launch of accession talks," Osmani noted.

The first part of the Plan - the short-term, 3-month strategy - has been already completed and 'crowned' with the October local elections that were organized in a fair and free atmosphere and assessed as credible by all relevant domestic and international organizations.

Stressing that the government in Macedonia was committed to implementing reforms, Osmani said the government was ready to take bold steps and introduce a positive approach in closing the open political issue in a bid to improve Macedonia's efforts to join the EU.

All reforms and activities, he added, are conducted in coordination with international partners, which have already triggered positive signals from European officials.

"I expect 2018 to be a historic year for Macedonia in terms of bolstering its EU integration process," Osmani said adding he expected the current momentum of optimism to be used wisely and Macedonia not to miss the chance to close the EU and NATO-related issues. ba/17:10


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