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Friday, April 20, 2018, 

UN calls for full implementation of Serbia-Kosovo agreement

UN calls for full implementation of Serbia-Kosovo agreement

New York, 14 November 2017 (MIA) - The Special Representative of the UN Secretary General in Kosovo and Head of UNMIK, Zahir Tanin, highlighted to Security Council members Tuesday that with the end of the Kosovo election cycle, 'the time for action now moves ahead of the time for excuses'.

In his regular update on Kosovo, SRSG Tanin underlined that signs of political will and commitment to move forward seem increasingly evident.

Taking note of the integration of 40 new judges and 13 new state prosecutors from the Serb community into a 'unitary Kosovo justice system', Tanin commended the parties for moving this forward.

Underscoring that technical implementation within the framework of the EU-facilitated dialogue needs more meaningful commitment from both sides, Tanin observed the lack of progress toward implementation of the agreed Community/Association of Serb majority municipalities.

Underlining the importance that a sustainable peace process not be hindered by inflexibility or simple inaction, Tanin said: 'The state of affairs between Belgrade and Pristina has the potential to evolve beyond the unfortunate longstanding impasse.'

Regarding CEFTA, Tanin stated that Pristina representatives attend all CEFTA meetings, and that UNMIK’s participation is limited to the requirements of the legal statutes.

'This participation continues strictly to the extent required by CEFTA members to ensure its functionality, which in turn supports economic opportunity throughout the region', Tanin underlined.

'The much needed provision of economic and employment opportunities, the need to counter public corruption and ensure public accountability at all levels, and perhaps above all, fighting against organised criminality are crucial objectives,' Tanin said.

And the final objective remains clear 'sustained peace, and the opportunities it brings for individuals to fulfill their aspirations and their potential', he added. lk/20:47


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