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Saturday, April 21, 2018, 

Macedonia kicks off 18th NATO Membership Action Plan

Macedonia kicks off 18th NATO Membership Action Plan

Skopje, 6 December 2017 (MIA) - A Macedonian delegation this coming Monday in Brussels will present the Annual National NATO Membership Program 2017-2018 before the Committee of Deputy NATO Permanent Representatives (Deputies Committee). 

Thus, the 18th cycle of the NATO Membership Action Plan will be officially launched.

A draft-text of the 2017-2018 Annual National NATO Membership Program of Macedonia was adopted yesterday by the government at a session.

"The document is up to be upgraded further," government spokesman Mile Boshnjakovski told reporters on Wednesday.

Asked whether Brussels had sent concrete remarks about the speed  at which EU integration reforms were implemented and to which extent they had been updated in the implementation report of the Plan 3-6-9, Boshnjakovski said the government had only received suggestions on how to accelerate the set of reforms envisaged by the Plan.

"The report, which has been made public on the government's website, addresses upcoming activities as part of the Plan 3-6-9 and highlights the obligations planned to fulfill these activities. Brussels has offered suggestions on speeding up the processes," the spokesman said. ba/15:04



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