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Saturday, April 21, 2018, 

Dimitrov We encouraged Nimetz to present preliminary name proposal

Dimitrov We encouraged Nimetz to present preliminary name proposal

Skopje, 13 January 2018 (MIA) - Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov says there is still no proposal for the name row settlement, but mediator Matthew Nimetz has been encouraged to present a preliminary framework at next week's meeting.

"There is still no proposal at the table. We have decided to encourage mediator Nimetz to present a preliminary framework as soon as next Wednesday, which would serve as a guideline for essential progress. We are also prepared to engage directly in the capacity of foreign ministers, something that has not happened before," FM Dimitrov told TV 21 on Friday.

According to him, it is a fact there are still differences between Macedonia and Greece and the coming period will show if they can be overcome.

"It is very important for Greece to have a clearer distinction between the country of Macedonia and the Greek region of Macedonia. For us it is very important to eliminate any doubts regarding identity issues. We must find a dignified way to explain and elaborate," adds Dimitrov.

He says Macedonia cannot belong solely to Greece or Macedonia, because the geographic region is large.

"In this sense, I believe that the real answer to irredentism is the principle of non-exclusivity. Both sides have the right to use the term, the name, and the derivatives in different contexts. The principle of non-exclusivity or not having monopoly is the lack of the right that we are exclusive in the use of Macedonia as Macedonia," underlines FM Dimitrov. ik/12:05


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