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Wednesday, August 15, 2018, 

Zaev-Csaba: Canada supports Macedonia’s NATO integration

Zaev-Csaba: Canada supports Macedonia’s NATO integration

Skopje, 20 February 2018 (MIA) - Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and Canadian Ambassador to Macedonia Kathleen Csaba met Tuesday and assessed that Macedonia's NATO integration will significantly contribute to stability and security in the country, but also to the entire region.

Csaba welcomed the steps made by PM Zaev and new government in regard to stability after the political crisis in the country toward effective reform process and good neigbourly relations. She conveyed Canada's support for Macedonia's integration into NATO, the government's press service informs.

They pledged to promote cooperation between the two countries especially in the sphere of economy and investment opportunities.

Csaba underlined that there are interested Canadian businessmen that want to invest in Macedonia and agreed that cooperation to continue more actively in defining spheres of mutual interests.

The Canadian ambassador said that there are interested Canadian businessmen to invest in Macedonia, and agreed that co-operation should be more proactive in defining areas of common interest.

Zaev underlined that everything is being done for the realisation of the Macedonia's strategic goals - EU and NATO membership. sk/12:53


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