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Monday, May 21, 2018, 

Macedonia to extend state of emergency at borders by year's end

Macedonia to extend state of emergency at borders by year

Skopje, 16 May 2018 (MIA) - The Parliament's Defense and Security Committee on Wednesday gave the Parliament the green light to reach a decision extending the state of emergency along the southern and northern border until December 31 so as to prevent a possible influx of migrants.

MPs Goran Milevski and Pavle Bogoevski asked for additional information from officials of the ministries of the interior and defense and the Crisis Management Center (CMC) to elaborate why the crisis situation should be extended for a six-month period. They cited official data that a total of 167 migrants were accommodated in transit centers in Macedonia.

Deputy Interior Minister Agim Nuhiu said in the past couple of months an increase was recorded in attempts by migrants to cross the Macedonian border illegally.

CMC Director Agron Buxhaku said the crisis situation should be extended for 'preventive reasons.'

Also, he stated, the Macedonian Army (ARM) cannot intervene unless a state of emergency is declared and the border is guarded by police officers from EU countries as well. "Not only do we guard the borders of Macedonia, but we also guard the border of the Union."

Such a decision provides legal grounds allowing the army to intervene if necessary, according to Deputy Defense Minister Bekim Maksuti. ba/18:08



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