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Monday, August 20, 2018, 

Government: Citizens, not Ivanov, deciding on Macedonia's future

Government: Citizens, not Ivanov, deciding on Macedonia

Skopje, 13 June 2018 (MIA) - The Government regrets the fact that President Gjorge Ivanov failed to rise above his weakness and see the perspectives opening for the country following the agreement between Macedonia and Greece.

The Government press release came after Wednesday's public address by President Ivanov, who said the agreement was detrimental for the country and would not sign it.

The Government says President Ivanov has no sense of responsibility and uses manipulation, thus harming the country, the citizens and acts directly against the strengthening of the Macedonian identity.

"Ivanov is not committed to finding solutions and is not investing efforts towards Macedonia's NATO and EU integration, which represents the highest national priority for the citizens. Instead of putting brakes on Macedonia's future and pushing the country into isolation, it would be best for Ivanov to isolate himself from politics. We are our own masters and this has finally been recognized by all neighbors, Greece and the international community. This agreement confirms and strengthens the Macedonian ethnic and cultural identity, once and for all times," reads the press release. ik/19:36


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