Greece's Katrougkalos: Name deal expected to produce economic benefits


Athens, 12 July 2018 (MIA) - The Prespa (name) agreement is beneficial for both countries and it can produce economic benefits with the help of EU-funded programs, Greece's Alternate Foreign Minister George Katrougkalos told a press briefing on Thursday.

"This name deal with North Macedonia - we believe it is beneficial not only for us, but also for the two countries at the same time. We have already discussed how to secure programs for the support of infrastructure and borders. The region of Prespa is magnificent, and we are thinking of using funds from the Interreg program in order to produce a tangible result, economically speaking," Katrougkalos said responding to a question of MIA's correspondent in Athens.

In the future, he added, the two countries will have to consider the economic issues included in the agreement, such as products.

Katrougkalos, responsible for European affairs and international economic relations at the Greek Foreign Ministry, said economic benefits for the two countries could become visible over time. ba/14:40


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