Speaker Xhaferi: Development of parliamentary diplomacy 'our duty'

Speaker Xhaferi: Development of parliamentary diplomacy

Skopje, 12 July 2018 (MIA) - Through parliamentary diplomacy we are strengthening and developing democracy at home, in the region and around the globe, Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi said Thursday in his address at the 3rd Summit of Parliament Speakers of Central and Eastern Europe in Warsaw.

"Our duty is to continue to foster and develop parliamentary democracy, to address all challenges caused by globalization irrespective of being brought about by climate changes, migrant crisis, organized crime and terrorism," stated Xhaferi, his office said in a press release.

Macedonia, he said, has made a breakthrough in bolstering the supervisory role of Parliament on the executive branch and improving parliamentary democracy.

According to the Speaker, parliamentary diplomacy has achieved two very important things. "To definitely understand and accept that only dialogue can help us settle bilateral differences and historical friction as well as to realize that it is the only way that leads each country separately and the region as a whole into the EU and NATO," stated Speaker Xhaferi.

The Macedonian Parliament, he said, has been nourishing top relations with the assemblies in Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro.

"Personally, I hope such relations will be established soon with Greece after the countries signed an agreement settling the differences over the name of our country," Xhaferi said.

Earlier in the day, Speaker Xhaferi met with Stanisław Karczewski, Speaker of the Polish Senate. ba/18:34


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