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Monday, August 20, 2018, 

Stable security situation in Macedonia

Stable security situation in Macedonia

Skopje, 10 August 2018 (MIA) – The security situation in Macedonia is stable and the country is not under any terrorist threat.

After the detention of seven Macedonian nationals who took part in conflicts in Syria and Iraq as foreign fighters, the situation in Macedonia is under control, security services within the Ministry of Interior told a press briefing on Friday.


About 15-20 Macedonian nationals, who have taken part as foreign fighters at battlefields in Syria and Iraq on the behalf of the Islamic State (IS), are to be detained in the upcoming period. Interpol issued an international arrest warrant for five of them, security officials said.

Few days ago the US State and Defense Departments hailed Macedonia’s decision to repatriate a group of Islamic State foreign fighters captured in Syria, pressing other foreign nations to follow suit as part of an overall effort to address the growing issue of combat detainees taken off the battlefields of Syria and northern Iraq.

‘Macedonia has set an important example for all members of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS and the international community to follow,” Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon told The Washington Times, noting “ISIS and the foreign terrorist fighters it recruits are not just problems for Syria or the region. They are global problems that require global cooperation.’ lk/16:56


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