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Friday, September 21, 2018, 

Organizations ask government to fund 'Boycott' referendum campaign

Organizations ask government to fund

Skopje, 20 August 2018 (MIA) - The organizations campaigning against the Sept. 30 name referendum on Monday asked the government to allocate money to fund the campaign dubbed 'Macedonia Boycotting'.

If the government decides against providing funds for the 28 anti-referendum organizations, they said they will fund the campaign 'on their own.'

"We are determined to boycott, if the government gives no money, we will make it on our own. But we expect it to follow the example of developed democracies in which everyone has the right to promote their ideas," stated Solza Grceva of Voice for Macedonia.

Janko Bacev, who fronts the pro-Russian political party United Macedonia, called the referendum campaign of the government 'utter lie'.

"It's not true that Macedonia's accession into NATO and the EU is public interest. The public interest of Macedonia is to join international organizations, but not the EU and NATO. We ask for the same amount of funds for our campaign as the amount the government has singled out for Yes campaign," Bacev told reporters. ba/17:19


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