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Thursday, September 20, 2018, 

Huremovic (FENA): MIA – best advocate of Macedonia’s precious tradition, culture

Huremovic (FENA): MIA – best advocate of Macedonia’s precious tradition, culture

Skopje, 12 September 2018 (MIA) - In an interview in honor of MIA’s 20th birthday, Elmir Huremovic, Director of the Bosnian News Agency (FENA), says the Macedonian information Agency is a significant source of credible information in the region.

How do you assess FENA’s cooperation with MIA so far?

FENA has been nourishing an excellent cooperation with MIA for many years, considering it a sister agency. The cooperation between our agencies set an example of swift exchange of information, vital for the general public in both countries. It’s my pleasure to say that our cooperation has never been marred by any problem or unpleasant experience.

Your opinion about MIA’s role in the region?

As other new agencies in the Balkan countries, MIA is also a significant, vital source of credible, accurate information. Considering the state of affairs on the media scene in the region and spreading of fake news by social media and portals, the significance of MIA and other respectable agencies will certainly increase.

Your message for MIA’s jubilee?

We wish to MIA management and staff for the agency in the next 20 years to remain a credible source of information about the developments in Macedonia, as well as the best advocate of the precious tradition, culture and tourist destinations of this beautiful country, which many in Bosnia/Herzegovina consider as a ‘neighbor’, although geographically it is not the case. You are to face new technological, professional challenges and I believe that, as thus far, you will be able to successfully deal with them.

Gabriela Tocko

Tr. by Liljana Kjurcievska


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