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Thursday, May 24, 2018, 

Macedonia pledges to strengthen its cybersecurity capacity

Macedonia pledges to strengthen its cybersecurity capacity

Skopje, 1 February 2018 (MIA) - Macedonia will adopt a new law on securing high-level security of networks and IT systems that will be in line with EU standards. 

The ministries of IT society, defense and the interior are measuring the cybersecurity capacity maturity in the country to protect against cyber attacks with support provided by the World Bank and alongside experts of the Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre (GCSCC).

A report, set to be prepared, will produce recommendations to strengthen cybersecurity capacity in a bid to create a resistant and innovative cyber space in Macedonia.

The government urges all institutions, the private, civil and academic sector, to cooperate so as to increase cyber security in Macedonia, Minister of Information Society and Public Administration Damjan Mancevski said Thursday.

"Successful cyber attacks have become more frequent and more dangerous and the attackers are more and more determined and sophisticated. The treatment of cyber security as an IT issue is a thing of the past and data protection is no longer on the bottom of priorities," Mancevski stated adding a new law would be passed to secure high-level security of networks and IT systems and certain existing laws would be amended.

Marco Mantovanelli, World Bank Country Manager for Macedonia, welcomed Macedonia's initiative to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity.

The World Bank, he said, has been investing in more than 1,000 IT-related projects in over 110 countries, because information technologies play a vital role in achieving economic growth.

"Threats to IT security could undermine the benefits of information technologies. To fully enjoy IT benefits, it is important to understand the risks and to find ways to alleviate them," stated Mantovanelli.

Macedonia is amongst 60 countries that have underwent the process through partnership with the World Bank. ba/15:24


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