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Wednesday, September 19, 2018, 

Digitization requires same adaptation by men and women: conference

Digitization requires same adaptation by men and women: conference

Skopje, 8 March 2018 (MIA) - Macedonia follows digitization processes, which do not recognize gender, heard conference "Women in Digital", organized by telecommunications operator VIP on Wednesday.

A VIP research has shown that 96 percent of respondents use the internet, 76 percent use smartphones, 24 percent buy online, 55 percent use AliExpress.

The hiring of six women advisers in the Office of the Minister for Information Society and Administration Damjan Mancevski results from the fact that they are excellent engineers, lawyers, economists, HR experts, best at what they do.

Манчевски конференција

"Digitization creates enormous opportunities for progressive changes and economic development. Over 70 percent of Macedonian citizens already use smartphones, while 58.6 percent use mobile internet. I hope we will increase this percentage," said Mancevski and added that the Government has been drafting the national operational plan for broadband internet, enabling the development of super fast electronic communications networks.

VIP executive director Mislav Galler said digital transformation eliminates the perceptions over differences between men and women, who have to adapt to changes with the same speed.

маслав галер

"VIP is a proof of gender equality, with 50 percent of the 1,100 employees being women, while 46 of them at managerial positions," stressed Galler. ik/15:50


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