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Thursday, May 24, 2018, 

No partial solution to the name issue, says Deputy PM Osmani

No partial solution to the name issue, says Deputy PM Osmani

Skopje, 8 February 2018 (MIA) - The statement of DUI leader Ali Ahmeti in a Greek TV show that Macedonia is a nameless country was given in a positive context and refers to the current use of the provisional reference of the country in international organizations, said Bujar Osmani, Deputy PM for European affairs.

"Ahmeti gave the statement in a positive context saying that the Republic of Macedonia in fact in international institutions has been recognized under the reference FYROM, which is against the wishes of the citizens, it's neither accepted by the citizens nor it is a permanent solution. Simply, the international institutions use some kind of interim solution, we don't have a name. Mr. Ahmeti meant that the negotiations refer to finding a solution to the dispute and to replacing the reference with a name, which will be permanent. Temporary solutions don't sent good signals for the country itself. We need permanent solutions for a permanent country," Deputy PM Osmani told a news conference Thursday presenting the EU Western Balkans Strategy.

According to him, DUI plays a constructive role in the whole process, it is involved in the process and in establishing a position over the matter as Ahmeti always takes part in leaders' meetings and is in frequent contacts with PM Zoran Zaev regarding the name issue.

"While we might have some differences over the issue, there are no misunderstandings whatsoever or desire to hinder the process, in fact these are constructive differences, ideas and advice that could help the process," stated Osmani.

Asked whether members of the ruling coalition had some different views, after Ahmeti had stated that constitutional changes were likely while PM Zoran Zaev had said that the Constitution had been already changed in 1993 and shouldn't be amended any more, Osmani said now wasn't the time to open these issues.

"We need now to analyze the whole social, political energy while seeking a solution that would be acceptable."

"I think the issue is far too complex to be settled all at once. Now, we are mulling a mutually acceptable solution," the Deputy PM noted.

The name issue, Osmani said, cannot have a partial solution. "It has to be a unique and single solution that is acceptable for both countries, eliminating any possibility to be blocked by Greece." ba/14:31



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