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Sunday, August 19, 2018, 

Macedonian, BiH nationals to cross border only with identity card as of today

Macedonian, BiH nationals to cross border only with identity card as of today

Skopje, 12 March 2018 (MIA) - As of Monday, the nationals of Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) can cross the border only with ID card. The agreement to cross the border only with ID cars has been signed today by PM Zoran Zaev and the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina Denis Zvizdic.

PM Zaev at the joint press conference said that Macedonia has also signed same agreements with Serbia and Albania.

"This is the second concrete step to facilitate the movement of people between the two countries following the signing of agreement on mutual recognition of driving licenses," Zaev said.

Moreover, the conditions for students from primary and secondary education as well as students who will study under equal conditions as domestic ones are facilitated under this agreement. The tuition fee will be the same as for domestic students.

Zaev underlined that Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina send message that they are seriously committed to develop friendly relations in the neighbourhood and united region directed to European perspectives.
Zvizdic said that there are no open issues between the two countries.

"Macedonia and BiH are the most similar countries in the region and understood each other well. They face similar political and economic problems, and what is important is that we have the same basic goal, and that is moving towards the EU," Zvizdic said.

He said that the two countries want peace, economic prosperity, environment for economic development and improving the living standard.

Both prime ministers also discussed the improvement of the economic cooperation.

They said that there is potential for promoting economic cooperation, but that the problem is the infrastructure and energy, transport and digital infrastructure and that these are projects that they will insist on.

"It is necessary to connect the region better and in the shortest possible time as well as to establish flight that would connect Skopje and Sarajevo," Zvizdic said. sk/11:29


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