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Saturday, June 23, 2018, 

Angry at toxic dump fire, Tetovo protesters throw trash at the town hall building

Angry at toxic dump fire, Tetovo protesters throw trash at the town hall building

Tetovo, 20 August 2017 (MIA) - Protesters spilt trash in front of the Tetovo town hall on Sunday, to protest the environmental disaster that started on Saturday when a large fire erupted at an unregulated waste dump on the outskirts of the city.

"We want to breathe", "here is your trash" and "resign", shouted the protesters, calling out Mayor Teuta Arifi. Retired former director of the Public Health Center Xhavid Fejzuli said tha tthe fire sends toxic and cancer inducing particles in the air which have spread across the entire city, along with the stench. "I expect that some of the lawyers present here will help prepare charges against the municipality of Tetovo for endangering the lives of its citizens. We have to breathe. This poisonous, cancerous air in Tetovo endangers the lives of all, young and old, children and those unborn", said Fejzuli.

Protest activist Darko Gavroski said that the citizens are angry at the way municipal authorities have reacted to this long lasting problem. "This is a site which the Tetovo public utility companies have used for 13 years to unload and move waste. How is it possible that the municipal authorities allowed this site to be used for this purpose? Why wasn't it surrounded by a fence, with guards who would have prevented it being set on fire?", asked Gavroski.

The smoke continued to spread on Sunday morning, covering the near by Zito Polog grain silos and extending across the city. This is the second major such environmental disaster in recent months, after the fire in an unregulated waste dump in Struga, which has been smoldering on and off for months.cc/16:35


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