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Friday, September 21, 2018, 

AGERPRES: MIA to keep promoting real, unbiased news

AGERPRES: MIA to keep promoting real, unbiased news

Skopje, 16 September 2018 (MIA) - In an interview in honor of MIA’s 20th birthday, Alexandru Giboi, Director of Romanian New Agency (AGERPRES), says the cooperation between the two agencies has been based on sincere sharing of experiences and views on the evolution of mass-media.

Your opinion on AGERPRES-MIA cooperation thus far?

AGERPRES’ cooperation with MIA was always very good, both as media organizations and at management level. In today’s world, networking and connecting with similar professionals is of the utmost importance. Honest sharing of experiences and views on the evolution of mass-media was one of the cornerstones of AGERPRES - MIA cooperation in the past.

Your opinion about MIA’s role in the region?

Each news agency in the Balkans is important in it’s own way. Depending on the context in which it carries on it’s activity, a Balkan national news agency can prove to be the best source of information on hot topics from all around the region. MIA, as your country’s main news agency, has an undeniable role of providing unbiased and professional news about the country and the region also.

Your message for MIA’s jubilee?

I can only wish MIA to continue it’s evolution, keeping in mind the professional standards of journalism. In today’s context in which the public is bombarded constantly with fake news, news agencies have the very important mission of pushing forward real, unbiased and professional news. I also wish MIA many more happy anniversaries, for the next 20, 40, 60...100 years!

Best regards to everybody in MIA, and Happy Anniversary!

Gabriela Tocko

Tr. by Liljana Kjurcievska


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