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Wednesday, October 17, 2018, 

PM Zaev for Greek ‘Ta Nea’: There is no better than Prespa Agreement for both nations

PM Zaev for Greek ‘Ta Nea’: There is no better than Prespa Agreement for both nations

Athens, 13 October 2018 (MIA) – There is no better than the Prespa Agreement for both nations, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev says in an exclusive interview with the Greek daily ‘Ta Nea’, voicing belief that the Macedonian lawmakers will respect the will of citizens who voted in the referendum.

Ahead of the parliament voting on constitutional revision, Zaev points out that the realization of the vision for the country’s future, which enjoys the support of vast majority of citizens, is now in the hands of each and every member of the Parliament.

‘All MPs, regardless of their political affiliation, bear historic responsibility on behalf of the citizens to ensure the country’s path to stability, security and economic prosperity – the path to the EU and NATO, which goes via the Prespa Agreement. We expect for our MPs to make a decision in this direction, namely to confirm that they respect the will of citizens who voted in the referendum, as well of those 80 percent who have been wishing over the years for our country to join NATO and the EU,’ Zaev says.

If VMRO deputies continue to refuse to assume responsibility and hold to their positions, which present a threat to the future of our country, the parliamentary majority will vote for early elections, Zaev says.

Commenting the referendum outcome, Zaev notifies that over 90 percent of more than 660,000 who voted in the referendum said ‘yes’ to the Prespa Agreement and Macedonia’s EU, NATO membership.

Asked if the vast international support had a boomerang effect on low referendum turnout, Zaev says it’s easier to succeed if one enjoys the support of friends.

‘Our international friends sincerely wish to see our country in large alliances. They support the process, thus confirming their recognition of our national identity and the existence of our state. This is also a gesture of respect for all citizens of our country,’ Zaev says.

With the interview, Zaev also speaks to the government, opposition and citizens of Greece, saying that ‘together, we have a unique opportunity to send a strong message of stability to the region and Europe; together we have an opportunity to make a historic success that will be a substantial investment in the future.’

Asked about the developments in the region, Zaev says the policies of the Macedonian government have been successful in settling all open issues with the neighbors by respecting the principles of sincere dialogue, mutual understanding and readiness for finding solutions.

‘We believe that problems may be solved by implementing new policies rather than by creating new borders. I am certain that the settlement of the dispute between our countries is a historic moment and source of stability for the Balkans and Europe,’ Zaev says.

In this respect he affirms Macedonia’s support of a positive solution for Kosovo, one that will guarantee the peace, security and prosperity of Serbia, Kosovo and the whole region.

‘It is very important that all leaders in this region are united around our common goals, namely lasting peace, regional cooperation, economic development and EU membership. The time has come for us to turn the Balkan region from the ‘powder of keg’ into a source of stability,’ Zaev says. lk/17:49



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