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Tuesday, October 16, 2018, 

Angjusev: Cooperation with local population to contribute to larger success in mining

Angjusev: Cooperation with local population to contribute to larger success in mining

Skopje, 12 June 2018 (MIA) - It is necessary to closely cooperate with the local population, to explain them the circumstances in which we will operate, to tell them that we will work on environment protection and to underline the benefits from the work of the mines, Deputy PM for Economic Affairs Koco Angjusev said Tuesday addressing the investors at the 3rd MINEX Europe Mining & Exploration Forum held in Skopje.

Concessionaires and central authority should work more with the local population and to explain that there are technologies and techniques that are not harmful to the environment, Angjusev said.

“I am convinced that together we will surpass the negative feeling that occurs among the population when mentioning the word mining. We need to tell local communities and civil society organisations about the benefits of mining without damaging their health or the environment. We should especially explain to them that there is no damage to agricultural products. I hope that as investors, you will recognize that Macedonia is moving towards Euro-Atlantic integration, which means stability, security and standards,” Angjusev said.

He underlined that the mining in April this year is increased by 1.3 percent compared to the same month last year and that it participates with 8.31 percent in the country’s industrial production. He announced amendments to the Law on Mineral Resources are also foreseen.

British Ambassador to Macedonia Charles Garrett said that British mining delegation is in Macedonia for the first time through MINEX. And, as he said, it is a confirmation that Britain is open for business.

“Statistically the mining in Macedonia has modest contribution to GDP for years although it s a potential sector, because Macedonia is rich in raw materials. The rule of law and public administration reform is necessary for the development of a country. These reforms are not easy, but are essential economy’s potential,” Garrett said.

Canadian Ambassador Kati Chaba said that her country has world-class reputation as business leader in the field of advanced mining technology adding that operation of the Canadian mines is at the high level.

President of the Macedonian Mining Association Nikolajco Nikolov said that the mining industry in Macedonia is in bad situation due to lack of sufficient harmony between the government, local population and mining companies.

He underlined that over 500 mining companies are registered in the country, while 12.000 people with an average net wage higher than €500 work in this sector.

The two-day forum will provide insights into exciting mining projects developed across the Western Tethyan regions and will highlight innovation trends for exploration and extraction, processing, waste management, and mine closure across the European continent and globally. sk/14:20


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