Strengthening biosecurity measures on pig farms

Strengthening biosecurity measures on pig farms

Skopje, 12 September 2018 (MIA) - Director of the Food and Veterinary Agency Zoran Atanasov is to visit Wednesday "Agro Soft" pig farm in Veles. He will brief on strengthening biosecurity measures on pig farms and will promote manual on introduction of biosecurity measures on pig farms prepared by the Food and Veterinary Agency.

Food and Veterinary Agency experts will conduct classification of "Agro Soft" pig farm aimed at determining the level of risk by evaluation and determination of the degree of implemented biosecurity measures.

“Improvement of biosecurity measures and anticipated stoppage of preventive vaccination of pigs against swine fever disease in 2020 represents a basis to request the EU Macedonia to get a status of free country for export of fresh pork on the European market as well,” Food and Veterinary Agency informs. sk/09:09


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